Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sneek Peek ~ I and baby T!

 This little guy was so adorable. He had the most beautiful skin. He was just over three weeks when I photographed him, and he was wide awake most of the time. He loved to move and rub his face with his hands, and we had a few "accidents". The poor thing hated the lights, and I don't blame him. He just wanted to sleep right and these silly lights kept flashing in his face. I just didn't have much of a choice with the clouds outside.  He made for a fun challenge, but just look at that sweet face. It was all worth it. His older brother was so fun. We took him outside and let him roam around in an antique car that Chris' grandpa let me borrow. He had a blast. He didn't even mind I had a big black camera in his face. I was rainy up until shooting time so I was a little worried, but it cleared up right as we started shooting. It made for a little mud and some soggy leaves, but this little guys didn't care. He was so fast I had a hard time keeping up :) I must be getting old or something ;) I had my shutter speed at 250 and still couldn't keep his hands still. Thanks mom for letting me photograph these cuties. They are so adorable.