Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I know I know. . .

So I fell off the planet or something. NOT! I was sick enough to not touch Photography for a few months :) Anyways I do have some to post when I get it ready, but for now here is a little eye candy for you! She was so fun to play with and dress up this year I couldn't believe it, so I just kept playing. Here are a couple shots.

And to think, these were all just for fun! I wasn't even trying hard to make her take pictures (because we all know Nichole needs to update pictures) I was just practicing since it has been a while. You should have seen my jaw drop! WOW! Now if the weather would stay cooperative while I don't have a massive headache I could take some more with the boys.


  1. So cute!! Those are great pictures of her. I think that she is just a little picture poser. We love you!

  2. I HEART these!! She is such a Doll! Love her sooo much. Good Job Nichole!

  3. You are SO good! These are adorable! WOW!