Monday, May 23, 2011

A favorite pair of boots!

Everyone has them right, but I bet you don't wear them as often as this little girl. She wears them morning noon and night. Doesn't matter if she is in her pjs or not. She will actually get mad if I put her pajamas on that have the feet in them because she can't put her boots on. ;) But at least they are cute right. Here is a preview of what I have to get done.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I know I know. . .

So I fell off the planet or something. NOT! I was sick enough to not touch Photography for a few months :) Anyways I do have some to post when I get it ready, but for now here is a little eye candy for you! She was so fun to play with and dress up this year I couldn't believe it, so I just kept playing. Here are a couple shots.

And to think, these were all just for fun! I wasn't even trying hard to make her take pictures (because we all know Nichole needs to update pictures) I was just practicing since it has been a while. You should have seen my jaw drop! WOW! Now if the weather would stay cooperative while I don't have a massive headache I could take some more with the boys.